Houses are our Speciality!
We're professional, creative & fully insured, which means you'll get the display you want as well as peace of mind.
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Before you go though- a few key things to note below.....

Removing Your Lights (Take Down)
As part of our extended care service you can book us to remove your lights & place them carefully into storage bins for safe storage until next season. Take Down runs from the 2nd week of January through until around April.

 We really do strongly recommend using this service it prolongs the life of your lights and avoids them falling down in the summer months and making your home look untidy.

Failure to do so also voids the warranty!


Take down costs is 35% of set up cost with a minimum charge of $90.



All lights come with a 3 year warranty.
If you purchase lights from us, we make sure they are shining bright before we leave & will make sure they stay shining all season long.  Simply call us if there are any concerns.

All of this ensures you get Stella Service, Stella Prices & Stella Lights year after year.


 This is where we thrive at Stella Lights.  House installations is where we started and what we love most!!  
We work safely and efficiently using ladders and our experience on the roof tops to get your display looking their absolute best.

In 2021 Stella Lights installed over 275 residential homes in just 90 days.

Houses are our speciality!

We're professional, creative, & fully insured which means you'll get the display you want & peace of mind.  Choose from an amazing range of products and colours that will bring the festive cheer to your home.