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"Our goal here at Stella Lights is to is to bring to you a fast, effortless and tidy light display to your home.  Our priorities are working safely, efficiently and as hassle free for you as possible.  

We have streamlined our processes making it as easy as possible to get an estimate and book your install." 

It's been a funny old year.... again!  Here at Stella Lights we have been working on ways to streamline things for our customers so we can bring this city together throughout the coming Holidays by lighting the place uP like a christmas tree- literally, of course!!

We will be offering the same quality customer service you guys are used to and the best rates in the city and this year we are also trialing Onsite Debit & Credit Card payments so, if you are at home when we are installing your lights you can settle up before we leave and get on with filling your stockings!
Booking online is now something we are trialing too.  By filling in a simple form you can pick the perfect time to get your lights uP 
(visit the Contact Us page to get going now!)

This very website is in the process of being updated (we are getting there) and we have an amazingly beautiful new logo on the way.
New experienced crews are coming your way and our very clever and wonderful Jen is back in the office as our Online Project Manager.  I will be back on the rooftops and taking calls as usual and i can't wait to get going.... 

We hope all this makes your 2021 festive season a little easier and a whole bunch Brighter!
Warm wishes,
Ben (Proud owner of Stella Lights)


Also, very happy to say that we have been voted in the Top 5 Outdoor Lighting Providers here in Calgary by TheBestCalgary site. This is a website designed "to make being a Calgarian consumer as easy as possible for you."    
So, it's a great honour to be recognized, given that providing high quality services has always been a top priority for us here at Stella.
They have a great site and offer brilliant information on local services & entertainment.   Here's a link to see more....