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Abstract Lights


This season we have added some NEW LIGHTS to our selection...
Introducing the BIGSTAR G-30 & G-20 LED bulb
They are a commercial grade light with LED bulbs that are good for 50,000hrs, they shine brighter, last longer (like, a lot longer),  are built sturdier, are available in a selection of coloured cords/wire that will make the lights less conspicuous in the day time, we can also cut to length so we can really highlight your homes roofline without excess cable getting in the way and finally, they come in 11 dazzling colours and you can decide the combinations!!  
All this will make your Future Festive Holidays pop like never before!!

We still supply our amazing standard C9 & C6 bulbs, available in a multitude of colours (see below).  We also offer a variety of specialists lights too including Icicle lights, custom coloured App lights that allow you control from your phone and beautiful Globe lights that hang from your trees.  All lights mentioned on this page  are Seasonal and we fully recommend taking them down at the end of each season - See the "things  you should know"  page. .....And make sure to pay a visit to the Gallery to see some of these lights in action.

Colours are available in-Warm White (golden hue), & Pure White (clear).  ​If you are looking for something a little more colourful then-Red/Green, Red/Pure White or the Blue/Pure White combo’s are great!We also carry solid colours in-Red, Green, Blue and Multi Colour (red/green/blue/orange/yellow)
If you are interested in permanent lights please call us or drop us an email.


Note:  We will happily install lights not listed here. 

If you have something in mind please contact to discuss prices.

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