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Important Info and Terms & Conditions

To make sure things go extra smoothly before, during and after your lights installation process please take a few moments to read over this important info and our terms & conditions.
Upon agreeing to the estimate via email, text or verbal agreement you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

The Install
We try our very best to be accurate with our estimates however final cost of installs may vary based on number of lights/materials required or due to access/obstruction issues if the cost is looking to be significantly over we will call to arrange the best course of action.
While we will be out working in temperatures upto minus 20 degrees, wind, rain, heavy snowfall and other obstacles thrown at us by mother nature may mean we have to reschedule your install /takedown date. We will do our best to give you as much notice as possible. We ask that you remain flexible.
Exact times CANNOT be given for your installation or take down due to the amount of variables out of our control.
You DO NOT need to be home for your install or takedown.

Please remove all vehicles from the driveway on the day of install.
If you want to be extra helpful please turn your soffit switch on so the team can test the lights are up and running as they go.
Tip: (If you do not know where the soffit switch is located try the switches closest to your front door or on the walls in your front entrance closet).

The Product
When you buy your lights through Stella Lights they are yours to keep.
Products are charged as part of your initial installation, thereafter are not included on your invoice unless more lights are requested for your display or to replace any out of warranty strings or product.
do not  install products that have not been purchased through Stella Lights.
do not  rent lights.
do not store lights.
Heavy duty stackable containers can be provided at our current rates.

The Warranty
Products bought through Stella Lights have a warranty covering them for one year from the date of purchase.
Product warranty wi
ll be voided if the lights are not taken down at the end of each season by the Stella Lights  Team (before end of March).
Product warranty will be voided if lights are installed/taken down by another company or person not currently working for Stella Lights.
Product warranty will be voided in the event that animals chew or cause harm to the product.
Product warranty will be voided if products are not stored in a container/storage bin provided or approved by the Stella Lights team.

We know our products very well, however things can go wrong.
Should the lights or any other product fail we will have a team out to you as soon as possible. 

Fix-ups on houses or trees required for reasons other than improper installation or defective product (within the warranty period) shall be subject to a fix-up charge starting at $50.
Should you leave your lights up for longer than 6 months after the install date and the strings come loose from the house/tree(s), stop working or become damaged, dull, bleached or in any other way defective addition fix-up fees will be charged to rectify and/or replace product. 
Fix-up fees for house lights left up longer than 6 months after install date start at $120 for a one storey and $150 for a two storey house.
Fix-up fees for tree lights left up longer than 6 months after install date will depend on height and condition of each individual tree. 

Takedown is an integral part of caring for your lights and is charged at 35-40% of your installation cost.
35% is charged for takedown on our standard lights and trees under 20ft tall.
40% is charged for takedown on our commercial grade lights, trunk wrap trees, trees 20-35 feet tall or any lights where access is determined by the Stella Lights team as overly obstructed, restricted or impeded.
Takedowns carried out out-of-season or longer than 6 months after install shall be charged at 75% of the install  cost.

Payment is required within 7 days of receiving your invoice
A 50% down payment may be required for jobs exceeding $1,000

Stella Lights installers may take photos of the exterior of your home and submit them to Stella Inc. management for reasons such as training, quality assurance, online and social media marketing and dispute resolution. Feel free to request censorship if you do not wish to have your property photographed for social media or marketing purposes.
By completing any of our online forms you are agreeing to be added to our email subscription list for all services provided by Stella Inc. This will ensure you will receive reminders of service dates and the occasional seasonal promotion for Stella Lights and Stella Windows. You can unsubscribe at any time.

The Product
The Install
The Warranty
Other Important Stuff
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