Things you should know:


-At Stella Lights we take safety seriously, which is why our prices increase as the weather gets more hazardous.

-Take down costs is 30% of set up cost with a minimum charge of $80.

-We strongly believe in taking down lights after the festive season to preserve your lights & get the longest life out of them, it also voids warranties on the lights should anything go wrong with them.

-Costs may vary outside of Calgary.

-If anything goes wrong with your light installation we will come back & fix it for free provided the lights have been purchased through us.

-We warrant lights for 1 year provided they have been purchased from Stella Lights.


*Early season (Oct 1st – Oct 31st) minimum charge is $100 for a

  tree up to 20' tall or  $125 for trees over 20' tall.

**Late season (Nov 1st - Dec 23rd) minimum charge is $125 for a tree up to 20' tall or  $150 for trees over 20' tall.

Note:  If you book in the early season we will do our best to honour early season prices depending on the weather.