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Here you will find our Tree Light Installation & Takedown Prices for this Season. 
Be sure to consider our NEW Early and Late Specials to find the best time and price to suit your install this season.

We have introduced two new price plans for the season however we only have limited spots for some great savings. 
The Super Early Bird special and the Late Season Prices will save you upto 20% off  Standard Season Pricing. 
Spots are limited so be sure to get in while you can!

If your tree is as tall or taller than a two-storey house we might not able to assist with your display.  We ask that you send us a photo of the tree preferably with the house in the background or your neighbour Terry standing by the tree/s.  Basically, anything we can use to scale it against.  This allows us to gauge if the tree/s is/are too tall or something we can help you with.  

Ideally we will have good access around the tree/s in order to leave you with the most Stella tree/s light display possible however this is not always the case and a photo or two will allow us to plan accordingly.

We reserve the right to reject any lights that we deem as faulty or not fit for purpose.  Of course we will let you know if we find anything and we will be happy to provide solutions as we go.

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