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5 easy steps to lighting up your Christmas

We install temporary lights on residential & commercial properties and trees up to 35 feet tall.  We are happy to discuss any other project ideas you may have no matter how obscure....  

We’ll even decorate your dog!!


Step one: 


Let us know if you already have your lights- we will need to know the colour, size and if possible, the brand/where you purchased them.  

If you need to purchase lights then we have you covered.  Choose from our dazzling range of colours and pick the size and design of your display.


Step two: 


Next, we will need to know where you want the lights and how many strands you will need. 

As we service so many homes it is impossible for us to visit every home to conduct an estimate.  

In order for us to get you an accurate estimate we ask for you to send over some photos to our email

On the house: 

The photos must be taken in the day time and include as much of the display area as possible.  The more detail we have the more accurate we can be with your estimate.  Click here for a 30 second video on what we are looking for.


On the trees, bushes, pillars, railings and fences:

Similar to estimating houses we just ask for as much detail as possible- a tree for example ideally would have something to gauge the scale (like someone standing next to it or having the house in the background).


Don’t worry if you are unsure about any of this, our experienced and friendly team will be on hand to guide you through if needed…


Step three: 


Now we have the details you can sit back with a glass of sherry and relax.  Our team will be in touch with an estimate within 48 hours* via email and if requested text.  *(may take longer in peak season-Oct 20th-Nov 20th)


Step four:


If you like the price then reply to the email or call us back whichever is more convenient and we will get you on Stella’s Christmas Guest List.

Securing a spot before the end of October 31st will save you good money too.  


If you have any special instructions like what time you would like your timer setting for then now is the time to let us know.


Step five:


The day before will send you a reminder via email and if requested text message to let you know one of our amazing crews are on their way.  Should there be any delays due to weather will be sure to notify you as well.  See you soon…. 

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