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Happy 2022 folks,
Thanks for swinging by our website.  Here you will find everything you need for an
easy, effortless and professional Christmas lights installation this season.

As always we are at the top of our game trying to bring the best service in the biz.
Our number one goal is to bring this amazing city together through the illuminations and displays we get to provide to fabulous homeowners like you.

Online bookings worked extremely well so please feel free to give it a go if you have not already.  

(Click HERE  to make your booking now!) 

We do, of course, still love to hear from you so please feel free to call and we will happily pick up the phone to take your bookings & requests.... Text and Email work too! 

This year we are proud to reveal we have added a new product line to our inventory.   These premium lights are a great alternative to C9 LED or incandescent bulbs, the G30 bulbs use a proprietary magnifying glass-like cone shaped lens to project their light. The modern globe-shaped lens cover makes these bulbs less conspicuous during the day and shine brighter at night!! More durable and longer lasting, these bulbs are the perfect solution for the homeowner looking for lights with more dazzle and a longer life, making them gentler on your wallet over time (and, bonus: gentler on the planet too).  
(Visit the Pricing, Installs & Products page to read more).  

We have a great line up of new and old crew members this year and all of us are eager to help bring the spirit of the Calgarian Festivities to life.
We hope all this makes your 2022 winter season a little easier and a whole bunch Brighter!

Warmest of wishes,
Ben Richardson
(Proud owner of Stella Lights)


Also, very happy to say that we have been voted in the Top 5 Outdoor Lighting Providers here in Calgary by TheBestCalgary site. This is a website designed "to make being a Calgarian consumer as easy as possible for you."    
So, it's a great honour to be recognized, given that providing high quality services has always been a top priority for us here at Stella.
They have a great site and offer brilliant information on local services & entertainment.   Here's a link to see more....

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